At the Law Firm Starman/Velkaverh we give great emphasis on alternative dispute resolution in order to protect our Clients from litigation. Mediation is one of the methods for out-of-court dispute resolution.

Partner Janez Starman passed the mediator exam and is active as a mediator in the courts falling within the jurisdiction of the Ljubljana District Court and the Koper District Court. He was also a mediator before the Koper Labour Court and before the Nova Gorica District Court.

In 2009 he was awarded the title of Mediator Coach and was the head of education at the Institute of Mediation and Arbitration of the Bar Association of Slovenia as well as elsewhere.

Many other Associates and Senior Associates in the Law Firm Starman/Velkaverh have passed the mediator exam in order to acquire knowledge in the field of mediation, which is important for the practice of the law.

Mediation may be carried out as a program within the courts or as a process completely independent from the courts and judicial procedures.

Through the process of mediation the parties try to reach an amicable settlement with the help of a third unbiased party – the mediator. The mediator does not give any judgments regarding the case, he only gives advice and assists the parties while they try to reach a mutually agreeable solution. At the end of a successful mediation process the parties conclude a settlement agreement.

The parties of a mediation process may agree to conclude the settlement agreement in the form of a directly enforceable notary deed, as a settlement before the court or as an arbitration award based on the settlement.

Unlike in arbitration, the mediator does not give any judgments to decide the dispute; the dispute is resolved in mediation only if the parties reach a mutually agreeable solution; however, through his work, the mediator may decisively contribute to a final agreement.

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