International private law

International private law includes legal rules adopted by international organizations that bind Member States and other States, which implement the rules into their domestic legislation. International private law also determines the law that applies in cases where two or more parties of different legal systems are involved. These are so-called relationships with an international element.

International private law and its use is gaining importance in Slovenia as the personal relationships (marriage, etc.) and contractual relations frequently include an international element. This is a consequence of lower demands on transition from and to Slovenia as well as of globalization in the fields of services and goods.

Since its foundation the Law Firm Starman/Velkaverh has been focused on the treatment and representation of Clients in cases with an international element, which is a closely related to our geographical position at the junction of Slovenia, Croatia and Italy, as well as our work in the field of the Maritime law.

The Law Firm Starman/Velkaverh cooperates with attorneys and law firms from all around the world, from Singapore to the United States of America.

Partner Janez Starman is member of “ELAN” (European Law Association Network), and is thus professionally connected with more than 20 lawyers and law firms from a wider European area.