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Important notice to our clients: modified operation regime because of epidemic!

Published: 16 March, 2020

With the intention of preventing the spread of the coronavirus, our office shall for the time being operate under a modified regime. Communication with clients shall be conducted through regular post, email and by video-conference, which is already set up.

Office hours shall be provided based on requests made in advance and on a set date.

We kindly ask all clients to notify us in advance of their intention to visit our office, namely using the published telephone number or email address, so that we can provide them with a date and time.

It is also expected that courts and other state authorities would limit their operations; we shall notify our clients of any such developments in due time.

In the event of emergency, clients can also reach our lawyers on the mobile telephone numbers provided.

Any additional information, telephone numbers, video-conference addresses and any other potential information may also be obtained through the provided telephone numbers: +386 5 662 64 00 or + 386 5 630 92 22.

By modifying our operations, we wish to actively and responsibly contribute to the stemming of the spread of infection and thus enable the reinstatement of normal operations later on, as well as ensure efficient legal protection to our clients.

We kindly ask our clients to contribute to the efficiency of these measures with their own actions and by abiding by the modified regime, so that the spread of the virus can be contained.

Your cooperation is greatly appreciated.