The law firm Starman/Velkaverh represents Clients in all fields of law.

Partner Gregor Velkaverh, M.Sc., employs several Senior Associates: Senior Associate Ljiljana Matošić, Senior Associate Tina Podgornik, M.Sc., Senior Associate Aleš Štravs, Senior Associate Aleš Velkaverh and Senior Associate Veronika Kruljac. They form a unified group of attorneys and giving power of attorney to one of them means empowering all of them.

Partner Janez Starman employes two Senior Associates: Maja Škrinjar and Ambrož Cvahte.

Both partners also employ several Associates and Junior Associates.

Specializations and awarded titles

Individual attorneys have obtained a high level of expertise in areas of maritime law, customs law, freight forwarding and logistics, insolvency law and property law.

Individual attorneys have also obtained titles of court interpreters for the English, Croatian and Italian language, administrator of insolvency proceedings, ad hoc arbitrator and mediator.

Professional ethics

All experts of the Law Firm Starman/Velkaverh act in accordance with professional ethics and rules set by the Bar Association of Slovenia as well as the CCBE Code of Ethics. Within the framework of collective attorney insurance we have professional liability insurance under a standard insurance policy of the Bar Association of Slovenia as well as additional insurance.

We guarantee to our Clients absolute discretion; all information disclosed to an attorney is confidential. An attorney cannot be questioned in criminal or civil proceedings or forced in any other way to testify regarding information disclosed by a Client. However, in accordance with applicable regulations, attorneys have to report acts that constitute illicit money laundering.

Cost of our services

We charge services in accordance with the applicable attorney tariff and other means provided for by the Attorneys Act.